Everyone wants to shoot new guns, allowing me to get lots of hands on test firearms. Hundreds of rounds went through each of these SIGs, in the hands of five-foot-tall females and six-foot-plus testosterone monsters alike. There were no malfunctions except for failures of the slide to lock open when people left their thumbs on top of the slide stop levers — a shooter malfunction, not a gun issue.

What particularly impressed me was the P365 XL performed so reliably when it came out of the box bone dry. I know we should field strip and lube new guns before we shoot them. I also know most gun buyers don’t, so I test them as they come out of the box. Thus, for this little P365 XL, the test was somewhat abusive, but it still ran fine. Big thumbs up for that. Be smarter than me and lube yours, though!

Through the broad range of P320 options, this model has proven reliable enough for U.S. military adoption. The P365 has been approved by many law enforcement agencies for plainclothes, off-duty and backup carry. One such entity is the Orlando, Florida Police Department. Many of their 800-plus sworn officers have opted for the P365, including Rangemaster Kevin Williams, who happened to be wearing his own when I interviewed him. He says the P365s have done fine in training and qualification with department issue Winchester 124-gr. +P Ranger Bonded ammunition.