Growing Affection

What endears this gun to me other than the fact it’s 100 percent reliable, easy to shoot and it’s the most accurate .45 I’ve ever owned? It not only makes me look good, it’s downright pretty. I’ve already told you about the copper-tan. Sig built the gun with a stainless-steel body and a stainless-steel slide coated with a finish called PVD. Physical vapor deposition is a process used to create a very durable corrosion and tarnish resistant finish. Sig calls the resulting color FDE, but to me it looks like copper. There was nothing wrong with the black grips it came with, but while cruising Amazon for grips for another gun, I saw one made by Cool Hand that was Coyote Tan with a sunburst pattern — perfect to go with my copper-tanned Emperor.

The bobtail really does make carrying a 1911 Commander in an IWB holster easier. The barrel length is 4.2" and the overall length is 7.7". The texture on my replacement grips is different than the original, but either set of grips allows for a good purchase. I have 1911s with a checkered front strap and ones without it. I like those “with” better. The mainspring housing is curved to go with the rounded butt and the grip safety has a pronounced memory bump and an extended beavertail offering good thumb protection. The sights are easy to see in any light, the ambidextrous safety clicks positively both on and off, and the trigger pull averages right at 5.5 pounds. Fully loaded the Emperor weighs 36 oz.