I tested with my usual protocol, hand-held on a Matrix rest on a concrete table 25 yards from the target. I measured each group twice, center to center between the farthest-apart shots, to the nearest 0.05". The first measurement is all five hits, the second, the best three. Experience has shown me and others the all-five measurement gives a good idea what experienced hands can do with the gun and ammo combo under ideal conditions, while the best three closely duplicates what could be expected with all five of the same from a machine rest. Since few of our readers own a Ransom Rest, this is something they can test their own sample with to compare to our results.

The “best three” measurement also helps factor out unnoticed human error, which I suspect was present in our first two groups. I try to test with the three most popular bullet weights for the caliber, and in .45 ACP those are 185, 200, and obviously 230-grain. Choice for the latter was Winchester “white box” JHP, which had a 1.45" group spoiled by a single errant shot that stretched the measurement to 4.25" (not necessarily a proper group for a 4.25" barrel gun; I’m sure the bad shot was on me). The best three of the five hits were in 1.25", which probably better showed the true accuracy potential of this gun and load.