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I know the man, Stan Chen, and am always impressed by his modest, self-effacing demeanor. Yet his guns and parts are without compromise. What he does is, indeed, the very embodiment of the craft. His full-custom 1911s (he has no other kind) represent a lifetime of thought, training, accomplishments — and dreams perhaps? The guns are almost otherworldly in their beauty, finesse and function. To own a Chen 1911 is to put the final period on your quest for a perfect 1911. No fooling. I’ve fired them, held them, used them and they are exactly like Stan — quietly modest. But in this case, there is no need to advertise their quality, they simply radiate it. You can spot a Chen 1911 across a room, mixed in with a dozen other custom guns. I’ve done it.

Now translate that into his parts. According to Stan’s website: “There are many times when off-the-shelf parts simply won’t suffice in the creation of a Stan Chen Custom masterpiece. Whenever necessary, parts are made from scratch, in-house, utilizing advanced CAD design, CAM driven CNC machining, conventional machining, welding, precision grinding and skilled handwork.” Stan doesn’t simply “re-brand” parts others offer since, simply put, they don’t usually meet his no-compromise standards. Now Stan offers some of those parts to the 1911 community.

His new line of no-compromise quality grip and thumb safeties builds on his famous existing parts lines. These new ones, like the others, are impeccably crafted, fit beautifully (with some hand-fitting required, of course) and show the 100 percent all-steel, custom-made attention you expect from Stan’s shop. Machined in-shop on certified bar-stock, I have never seen a Chen part that wasn’t perfectly made. You’ll never see a casting mark — or any imperfections, period — I assure you. For more info:, Ph: (970) 385-7900

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