The Drill

This presumes you’re being aggressively attacked by a fast, powerful, determined — and probably drugged-to-the-gills — psycho; one who may not be, let’s say, “sufficiently disappointed” by a single round or a brisk double-tap followed by a “pause to assess,” as is taught by lots of trainers. It presumes you’re gonna need five, six or more rounds of sustained, accurate fire; not a “mag-dump,” where you’re just jerking the trigger at max speed and hoping some rounds find his OFF buttons, but steady controlled “lead input” at about one round per second.

I shot them on full size IDPA silhouettes, which feature a 6″ square kill zone in the gourd and an 8″ circle in center mass. Imagine your goblin moving quickly toward you — and remembering most scumbags aren’t disciplined shooters, but the closer they can get the more likely they are to kill you. Using that one-second per shot time as a guide, your goal is to deliver neutralizing shots as fast as you can keep them accurate. Too fast and you’ll drop shots; too slow and he’s on top of you, with fatal consequences. You’ve got to find the Magic Meridian. As I found out, lessened muzzle movement, a smoother trigger with a cleaner break, and especially, working a crisp reset can give you a significant edge.