Appealing Option

Several years ago S&W offered the Victory Model, a very reasonably priced .22 semi-automatic pistol with adjustable rear sight matched up with a fiber-optic front sight. Now we have the improved Victory Target which, for me, is greatly improved as it features target sights consisting of a fully adjustable black rear sight matched up with a black post front sight on a ramp. For me this is the best sight combination. It also features a target trigger with an adjustable trigger stop. The trigger pull measures an acceptable 41/2 lbs., but I would prefer a pound less.

The pistol comes with two 10-round magazines that have a button on the side to depress the magazine spring for easy loading. An HKS loader for the S&W also helps here, especially when we get to loading the last two rounds. Unloaded weight is 36 oz. This weight combined with a barrel length of 51/2" and excellent stocks give the Victory Target an exceptionally good balance in my hands.

The pistol is constructed of stainless steel and has textured polymer grip panels which, combined with the checkered back- and front-strap, provide a very secure feeling when shooting. S&W has done something quite unusual with their polymer grips. The Victory comes with a flat grip on the right side matched up with a thumbrest grip on the left side. If one happens to be left-handed this is taken care of by the fact S&W supplies two extra grip panels with one flat on the left side with a thumb rest grip on the right side. This allows two ways for setting up the Victory, or one can choose to use two thumbrest grips or two flat grips. The latter way is what I chose as it feels the best to me.