Movies And Math

I do so love a good action movie. I’m the geeky guy clutching the plastic light saber who’s spazzing out during the opening scrawl of the latest Star Wars installment. Perhaps you’ve seen me in your local theater. I’m personally responsible for a not insignificant percentage of Hollywood’s annual box office take. If ever I get abducted by aliens, George Lucas could starve.

There is a reliable formula Hollywood screenwriters use to keep dweebs like me coming back for more. If the first movie is impressive, the sequel must be all the more so. The problem is once you get through several iterations, it gets tougher and tougher to attain the same level of cinematic awesomeness. The end result has a geriatric John Rambo hobbling out of his memory care facility on a quad cane to battle al Qaeda Nazis on Uranus. In mathematical terms, the upper limit to the function seems to be, well, ill defined. The same phenomenon is at work in this new Springfield Armory handgun.

I was an early adopter of the Hellcat and have proudly packed mine for more than a year now. Now in one fell swoop this new RDP version leaves me in the dust. With radical new features and value-added capabilities, the new Hellcat RDP is like the action movie sequel. Everything just got a little bit more awesome.