A Remarkable Find

It seems the gunsmith, David Panciotti (who has since left Colt to help establish a new custom gunsmith shop) told our collector friend a supply of new old stock parts were discovered in a parts cage at Colt. They were all transferred to the Custom Shop. Dave said among those parts was a new old stock Python receiver (stainless steel) with a 6" barrel already installed.

“I had recently come across a factory Python assembly manual,” he told us, “so I figured this might be a great time to further my experience and learn how to build one of these. This was a great way to learn, and prove to my bosses I wanted to be the best gunsmith I could be, so I decided to go forward and try to build a Python.”

Not being familiar with the big gun, Dave drummed-up help from two senior gunsmiths who had actually worked on the Python line when they were a standard production gun. He also got the help of another Custom Shop gunsmith with more revolver experience than Dave had. Combining this institutional knowledge base with the use of the manual, Dave was able to build the gun to factory specs.

“I simply could not have built this without their help,” said Dave. “There are some truly great people at Colt’s Custom Shop.”