Book Club

Back then, I’d recently read a few of Annabel’s books and was hooked better than a steelhead on Rusty’s stories about Alaska. I mentioned his name and Terry said he kinda’ remembered reading him as a kid in Outdoor Life and Sports Afield. So, I sent Terry a book, the first in the series of short stories by Annabel from Safari Press.

This opened the floodgates to our relationship. After he read the book, he let Judy, his wife, read it also. Terry joked it was the cause of a few arguments later on, as Judy would tell Terry to hurry up and read faster, so she could get her hands on the next book. Over time, I’d sent the whole series to him. Every year we’d talk about the different stories Annabel wrote.

Terry would ask, “Whatever happened to that Indian girl, Olinka?” and we’d stop shooting and talk and talk about the stories. Later, after some of my articles were published, I’d always get a phone call from Terry, giving pointers, praise, or opinion, in a warm manner. I looked forward to the calls. My last call from Terry, he told me about getting hit by a car and how banged up he was. It was his last.