Winter envisions a special purpose police ammunition for the SWAT gun. These rounds include a sandbag “stun” round, hypodermic low-velocity projectiles and a special capacitor bullet with a 45,000-volt negative charge to relax adductor muscles and make a subject go ''limp." In addition, a powdered fuel/air mixture round (FAM) using a grenade launcher principle could completely disable an automobile or defeat a substantial physical barrier.

The SWAT revolver configuration maintains sideways, cam-actuated ejection and extraction all in a solid frame design. The forward frame element pivots to allow the cylinder to swing sideways on a vertical axis. In a similar manner to older break-top revolvers, a cam actuates and automatically ejects the spent cases. Winter is working on a special loading device for standard service ball rounds. The projected cost for one of these guns would be $800, complete with a redesigned Audley clamshell holster. There is no projected date on delivery since the gun is not yet in the prototype development stage.