The Magic

Obviously, reliability is first and once this was confirmed, Terry literally set his sights — on the sights. The standard Mustang sights are not bad, as the rear unit is fairly visible, and it’s set in a dovetail allowing it to be drifted for windage. The front sight is another issue because it’s integral to the slide, so you get what you get.

Not one to do anything half-way, Terry sent the gun back to me with two slides featuring different, interesting sight configurations. The first has a larger rear sight from XS with fairly prominent side “wings” to the shallow and wide rear “V” face. It’s augmented with a center stripe of tritium to make it easy to find.

Rear assembly number two from Novak has a pair of tritium capsules set into a smaller, smoother body to create a three-dot configuration.

Both slides have a self-illuminated dot on the front with the one for the smoother rear sight mounted flush on the top and the unit paired with “V” rear sight is set into the slide surface via a trough milled into the slide to reduce its height and match the rear. This trough carries back from the sight body almost to the ejection port, for me eliciting comparisons to the “guttersnipe” treatment of years ago. Both front fixtures are from XS.