umarex beretta mod. 92a1

full auto bb pistol

Nope, this isn’t a “real” Beretta. But at first glance, it really looks like one. In the hand it feels like one too, with the right weight, heft and control placements. But Umarex really ramped up the game here and have not only made an excellent “trainer” for those who like the Model 92 series, but have made this C02 powered BB pistol complete with a “fun” switch. Yup, throw the tiny, almost hidden lever at the top of the right grip panel and things go from semi-auto to full-auto! Ha!

The drill is drop the magazine the normal way with a button on the grip and load a 12 gram C02 cylinder into it. Then load 18 BBs one at a time — a bit fussy to do but such is life. Insert the magazine and run the slide just like a real gun. If the select fire is on the “one-dot” mode, it fires semi-auto. Nudge the lever to the “three-dot” mode and you suddenly have the full-auto grin-machine. I have no idea how fast the rate of fire is, but after shooting my share of Mac 10s and other fast shooters, I’m guessing around the 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute rate — extremely fast! It just sort of goes “Brraapp” and you’re empty. Velocity is about 310 fps, and casual plinking and even modest “target” shooting is great fun. The gun takes down like a “real” Model 92 and even the DA trigger pull feels about right.

The real kicker is opening up on aluminum cans, shredding paper cups, tackling the errant rogue grasshopper or even taking on fast-attack flying wasps. I’ve got a few acres outside my office door and in the summer here, wasps are always hanging around. So far, my score is about “Wasps: 273 escapes” vs. “Roy: 1 confirmed hit.” The pesky devils are tough to hit, even on full auto and in-close. And yes, I’ve done the “wasp dance” on a few occasions when they ramped up the game and I was out of bullets. Run away!

This is just plain fun at every level. Any kid worth their salt will volunteer to load that magazine until their fingers are bleeding, if you allow them to shoot it some. Heck, so would I. MSRP is $139.09. Check out for my “hands-on” video of this fun gun! For more info:

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