1791 Gunleather
U.S. Military Holsters


The idea of “what’s old is new” continues to be a trend throughout the firearms industry. The new U.S. military holsters from 1791 Gunleather are just the latest example.

The G.I. Hip Holster and the M3 Tanker Holster are both faithful replicas of the classic military leather holsters used by U.S. GIs to carry their sidearms. Both holsters are meticulously crafted from thick, full-grain, tanned leather, feature the iconic “US” embossment, and are available in classic brown or stealth black.

The G.I. Hip Holster is a modern replica of the classic military flap-style leather holster that mirrors every detail of the original. Designed for versatility, it features hooks for a standard G.I. web belt and slots for a standard duty belt, complete with a leather thigh strap. The G.I. Hip Holster blends historical authenticity with contemporary craftsmanship, making it perfect for military history enthusiasts, collectors and practical users alike.

The M3 Tanker Holster is a classic shoulder holster design, using a single strap to secure the pistol over the shoulder and across the body. Designed for the Government 1911, the M3 Tanker Holsters keeps the pistol under the off-hand arm for an easy crossbody draw. The holster’s adjustable over-the-shoulder strap ensures optimal comfort and fit. With an over-the-back retention strap and original style snap system, your firearm always remains secure.

Both the US G.I. Hip Holster and the M3 Tanker Holster are perfect for those who want classic U.S. military styling in a holster that is as functional as it is good-looking and nostalgic. The G.I. Hip Holster is available for the M1911, Browning HP and the Springfield SA-35. The M3 Tanker Holster is available for multiple 1911s as well as the Browning HP and Springfield SA-35. MSRP is $99.99

For more information, visit 1791gunleather.com.

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