Holosun DPS-TH Thermal Optic



There was arguably no booth more crowded at SHOT Show 2024 than Holosun, and for good reason. The company released several new products, but one in particular seemed to generate the most chatter — the Holosun DPS-TH Thermal Optic.

The DPS-TH (digital pistol sight) is a red dot fusion optic designed to redefine the shooting experience. This 3-mode thermal optic features fusion overlay capabilities with a red dot, offering white hot, highlight, and a red dot with Holosun’s signature Multiple Reticle System (MRS). Users can choose from a 32 MOA circle, 2 MOA dots or a fusion of both for pinpoint accuracy.

The DPS-TH also features a 1.1 x 0.87-inch display window, a 50 FPS overlay refresh rate, and a 256 x 192 sensor resolution. An IP67 certification for both components ensures durability in any environment. Powered by a 18350 battery for the camera and a LiPo battery for the red dot, this optic also features eight brightness settings, including four night-vision-compatible options.

For more information, visit Holosun.com.

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