The Ox Ranch is where good gun nerds go when we die. It’s honestly the most amazing place I have ever seen and plays host to

These guys collect Main Battle Tanks the way I collect firearms. All of their tanks feature operational guns. They also have plenty of space to shoot these things — for real. For about what you might pay for some generic trip to Disneyworld you can do something truly unique. I’ve never seen anything like it.

I was there several years ago, and their collection included a German Leopard I, a British Chieftain, a vintage Russian T34, a Scorpion and an original M4A3E8 Sherman. The Sherman is the same type depicted in the movie Fury. Everything works, everything runs, and everything shoots. They have since added a WWII-era German Sturmgeschutz StuG III, an American M41 Walker Bulldog, an additional M4A3E2 Sherman and a Russian T72. I guess I’ll have to go back.

While you’re there you can partake in their Smithsonian-grade machinegun collection. They have most everything to include an M134 Minigun, an MP44, and an FG42. Ever wondered what it was like to run an HK MP7, an M249 SAW, or a Ma Deuce .50-cal? The good folks at will hook you up. There are a few operational howitzers as well should the spirit lead. The prices for everything are listed on the website.