Sanctuary Principle

Under Sanctuary, gun rights you have now set a baseline. Proposed reductions are null and void. What the new Sanctuary bills are saying, in simple terms, is that any reduction of rights people currently enjoy in Sanctuary Zones respecting arms, ammo, accessories, possession, sales, transfers or anything else arms-related is infringement, and infringement is banned. Proposed reductions are null and void. Rights you have now set a baseline. Repealing any existing infringements would be appropriate.

Anyone who infringes on your right to keep and bear arms commits a misdemeanor or felony — depending on the place, the nature of the offense, and frankly, how ticked off the sponsoring legislators are at people proposing or attempting these civil-rights denials. They don’t take lightly to abridging civil rights, which is what infringement is. No one should, whether it’s “We don’t serve your kind,” “No coloreds at this water fountain,” or “Carry is prohibited here even with your earned and paid for government permission slip.” Denial of rights under color of law, or by conspiring with others, is illegal and punishment attaches (18USC§241).

Left-leaning activists like Antifa, Black Lives Matter and anti-border groups have been demanding “sanctuary” too — but for illegal immigrants. These things aren’t subject to sanctuary, however, because immigration and border controls are exclusively delegated to the federal government, and serve a legal, rational purpose.