And Also Blessed

I believe they are also blessed who can plant rounds roughly in the boiler room at 11 paces without that front sight. Blessings too for those who remember their sidearm is a hand-gun, not a “handsgun;” who practice popping with either paw because, while recognizing two hands are superior, conditions may dictate one mitt is occupied with chores like carrying a comrade, stiff-arming some sucker, throttling a throat or even twisting a tourniquet.

Consider the circumstances of my first two handgun engagements — see “The Two Dudes”, — and this: One of my best pals on my old PD commenced a gunfight by taking the first round into his right wrist, exiting under his elbow. This had a profound impact on the incident, and on our future self-directed training. We also started carrying two guns at all times, both accessible with either hand.

I see lots of handgunners who avoid training with their “weak hand” simply because they suck at it, and that makes it no fun. Hey, I’m a terrible left-handed shooter, and I see no signs of a big breakthrough. My best efforts have elevated me from JustBloodyAwful to “terrible.” But my realistic goal is to be the best Terrible Left-Handed Shooter I can be. Why? Because someday, like my old partner, I may be tryin’ to fly with a single wing and — “terrible but determined” just might be enough. When it comes to survival, “just barely” beats the heck outta “not quite good enough.”