They Already Knew ’Em ...

“Hey!” Van Zyl chortled, “I know these guys! I fought them in Congo!” The others agreed.

“San Diego, below Broadway after midnight, these ghouls come outta the gutters,” said Uncle John. “I think they eat winos and runaways.”

“Nah,” Canfield cracked, “Them’re Somali skinnies for sure; right outta Mogadishu; just cleaner. They take a lotta killin’.”

Everybody had their own tale and place, from Baltimore to Basra. But Zombie goes beyond ugly … The guys knew a little about zombies, but after meeting Joe, who was a zombie-movie freak as a kid, I actually did some readin’: The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, both by Max Brooks, leading authority on the Living Dead. I explained — they have no fear, feel no pain; the only way to slow them down or stop ’em is by bustin’ structure; spine, shoulders, hips, knees; and the only way to kill ’em is by destroying the brain. Otherwise, they just keep comin’ and they will kill you. Then it hit them.