Yesterday, Today

So how about those of us today who might want a classic-style blued snubby? Then check out Ruger’s SP-101, overbuilt in the strength and ruggedness department and able to withstand .357 Magnum pressures. And it’s available in blue! It’s no lightweight, though, weighing in at 26 oz. Overall length is 7.2" and height is less than 5". It’s capable of shooting either .357 Magnum or .38 Special cartridges, and is a five-shot shooter. MSRP is $719.

The rubber handles are stylishly accented with gorgeous checkered wood inserts, featuring the Ruger logo, while also providing cushioning to the hand from recoil. The left grip is recessed, allowing use of a speed loader, during hasty reloading.

Sights are as they should be on a pocket-pistol — low and subdued. The serrated front sight reduces glare and is securely pinned through the top rib, allowing for easy swap-out, if needed. The rear sight consists of a snag-free, hog-trough channel, milled out of the top strap.

A transfer-bar safety allows safe loading of five cartridges in the five-chamber cylinder with no risk of discharge, unless the trigger is pulled. The triple-locking fluted cylinder assures extremely tight lockup, providing top accuracy.

The full-lug of the 21/4" barrel adds needed heft, absorbing recoil while shooting Magnum loads and adds to the coolness factor in looks. A stainless steel hammer, trigger, transfer bar and star-extractor of the cylinder contrast nicely with the blued steel.