More And Better

The 50th Anniversary Model of the .357 Blackhawk was, of course, a 1-shot, 1-year deal. That could’ve been the end of it except for the farsightedness of one of our top firearms distributors, Lipsey’s. When that original .357 Blackhawk arrived back in 1955, we were promised, or at least Elmer Keith thought so, future models chambered in .44 Special and .45 Colt. Neither one ever materialized mainly due to the arrival of the .44 Magnum, 1 year later. To safely hold the new .44 Magnum, both frame and cylinder were increased in size. The .44 Special was forgotten, and the .45 Colt arrived in the early 1970s, but in the larger .44 frame.

In 2005, I talked to the then-president of Ruger about using the New Model .357 Magnum Flat-Top as the basis for a .44 Special version. He didn’t say yes, but then again he didn’t say no, and thanks to Lipsey’s placing an order for 2,000 units, the .44 Special became a reality. Then 1 year later, Ruger added it to the catalog as a standard item. Again, that could’ve been the end except for the farsightedness of Lipsey’s. This past year Lipsey’s took the next logical step and ordered the New Model .357 Magnum Flat-Top in a .45 Colt version in both blue and stainless steel and with 45/8" and 51/2" barrel lengths. And they didn’t even stop there, but went one step further and made them .45 Flat-Top Convertibles with an extra .45 ACP cylinder along with each sixgun.