Golfing Go-To

We use files everyday and Alex Hamilton of Ten Ring Precision has a cool way of handling them — golf balls. He drills a hole in the ball for the handle end of the file, making for a comfortable handle, allowing the ’smith to push from the palm easily without causing hand fatigue.

Sanding can be rough, but Dan Bachelor of Powder River Precision has found a tool making all those sanding strips easier to use. It’s an adjustable sanding stick by Zona allowing you to hold 1" strips off a roll of sandpaper flat and taut. This gives him a 5" flat surface to use. Once the sandpaper is used on both sides, just loosen the tension knob and replace the paper.

I’ve got more screwdrivers than I can count. Two sets are always on my bench though, Brownells’ Magna-Tip and Chapman. Both are made for gunsmithing. The Magna-Tip with its large handle is for heavy torque or specialty bits, while the Chapman set is very handy for quick jobs and is non magnetic.

I do make some of my own, repurposed from screwdrivers I find at yard sales or flea markets. They get a ground tip slot to fit a specific need like the elevation screw on a BoMar style sight with its thin shallow slot, then saved for just that job.