Easing Off

The only obvious differences between the original .44 Magnum and the 1955 Target, other than the chambering, is the fact the .44 Magnum has a full-length cylinder filling out the cylinder window frame, white outline rear sight, red ramp front sight and the target stocks were of exotic and Goncala Alves wood. It was without a doubt the most beautiful double-action sixgun ever to come from the mind of man and with its historical background, even though it’s suited for full house loads, it’s also a prime candidate for what Mike Venturino calls “Slow & Easy” loads, or what the rest of us might probably call target loads.

There was a time when all my .44 Magnum loads were just that — Magnum. However, the older I’ve become, the smarter I’ve become and those loads are now reserved to be used only when absolutely necessary. In fact the boxes are labeled: “In case of emergency break tape.” Today the vast majority of my cartridge boxes hold target loads, or at the very most what we often call mid-range loads.