Things Change

Apparently this was all it needed at the time, however something went wrong, as by the 1960s the .38 Super had a notorious reputation for inaccuracy. Hatcher closes his evaluation of the Super .38 thusly: “A good shot armed with the new Super .38 would have no reason to be afraid of a man 150 yards away armed with a Government automatic .45. Chances are the man with the Super .38 can make the other lay down his gun.”

Col. Cooper also refers to it as the Super .38 and says, “The Super shoots flat and accurately and is about the only auto pistol I like to use for trail work on small game and varmints.”

This brings us to Douglas Sheldon’s excellent book Colt’s Super .38: The Production History from 1929 through 1971 (1997). He says the year 1971 was picked as the cutoff since before this time “… The Super .38 Model was listed in the company catalog as a separate model. It was replaced by the 70 Series pistols which simply offered the Model O in three different calibers.”