Technical Details

Al Gore had not yet invented the Internet, so these guys figured this one out all by themselves. The concept was diabolically simple. The base was a piece of aluminum from the sheet metal shop. On top of this was a scrap of rubber they had scrounged up someplace. Atop it all was another yet smaller piece of sheet aluminum. They wired each sheet to the pole in an extension cord, plopped a dollop of peanut butter atop the thing, and plugged it in.

The first victim launched through the air like some kind of flaming furry Sputnik and knocked out the power to half the hangar. The avionics guys wired a circuit breaker into the contraption and everybody started bringing their lunch and lawn chairs. Watching the Verminator work became a social event. Guys came from all over post to ogle the demised beasts taking wagers on both distance and altitude.

Eventually the mouse menace was no more, and the Verminator was retired. A grand time was had by all. Everybody except the mice. The mice actually got electrocuted.

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