Since the targets are pass-through like paper, there is no minimum safe distance required because there is no target or bullet fragmentation. If you want to shoot them from 6" away with your belly gun, knock yourself out. If you want to put them a couple hundred yards downrange, that’s fine too. Whatever your preferred distance, be aware caliber doesn’t matter. I christened this plate rack with a S&W 629 .44 Magnum from a distance of two feet and … it just didn’t care. Take your pick and shoot rimfires, .50 BMG, or anything in between. Just don’t use BBs or airgun pellets as they may bounce back.

Here’s what makes them interesting. Since they have substance, even as a “pass through” target, they react, mainly by falling over. This means you can assemble a plate rack or dueling tree and the “plates” do what you’d expect by falling down or flipping side to side. You’ll experience all the joys of visual feedback. What you won’t get is the noise or the weight. The targets themselves weigh next to nothing so you can tote around a complete plate rack and dueling tree in your car and set it up most anywhere in seconds.