Franken- Wilson-SIG

I liked the Wilson Combat WCP320 so much I bought the frame. As described in “Wilson Combat WCP320” (Jan/Feb 2020), the gun builders at Wilson Combat make customized SIG P320s complete with their own frame and slide designs. The Wilson frame is very 1911-like and … I love it.

I’ve been carrying a SIG P320 XCompact with a red dot. It’s a nifty solution but the grip isn’t quite perfect for my finicky tastes. Then I had an “Oh duh!” moment and remembered the modular nature of the SIG P320 allows one to do things like … switch out the frame. Then I had a second epiphany. The frame length of the Carry and Compact models is identical, but the Carry version features a tad more height and two more rounds. So, I ordered one of those. Now, I’ve got a “custom” pistol that fits me like a glove. Maybe it’s the world’s only 17+1, full-height, Wilson-SIG-P320-XCarry-Compact?