Wake Up! Are You a
Sleeping Gun Owner?


In my personal effort to balance the evils of so-called “gun control,” I’ve noticed certain important words now missing from our daily language. This is an outgrowth of “newspeak” described in George Orwell’s monumental work, 1984, which accurately depicted the future we now witness.

Anticipating a limitless police state, Orwell painted a picture where guns are no longer for you and freedoms are not even remembered. The words for it have been expunged. You can’t think about what you lack words for, Orwell presciently pointed out. It’s even worse than the manipulated language we have today. When assault goes from being a crime (which is already completely outlawed everywhere) to a type of hardware (as in “assault weapon”), simple ownership of household property becomes a crime, with no victim and no harm done. Neat trick, eh?

Word Expungement

Yes, eliminating words is unfathomably evil. Domestic Marxists who have now captured federal agencies, schools, colleges, corporations, big tech, mess media, show biz, advertising — they have eliminated important words from public view. These are words describing them, words that label their activities and allies. See if you recognize or recall these important terms:

Depraved, degenerate, debased, deviant, degraded, debauched, decadent, aberrant, perverse, perverted, immoral, unethical, obscene, sordid, wicked, moral turpitude, gutter values and vulgar.

Can you see how these describe too much of what goes on in the anti-gun-rights movement? You can see it in mess media, stage, screen, so-called “news” and even phone apps. Has removing the terms made it any less obvious what’s going on with radical anti-rights bigots?

Among their followers, promoting a twisted version of what America should be, they practice every sort of depravity, including subjugating a disarmed populace. Turning potential soldier boys into girls and promoting sexual activity where it is indecent and improper. Are these people you would want armed? Family values have disappeared from the public stage. Shooting competitions, a great American pastime, have disappeared from view (but persist). People are afraid to give it voice.

Human Rights

The struggle for gun rights is a small piece of the larger struggle for the rights of all humans. Guns are the physical representation of liberty, the tangible sign of a person who is free. When powers can disarm you, your freedom is gone. This is why “officials” and elites want you disarmed. Not so much to make you defenseless, though this occurs, but to deny you the principle and sense of freedom that swells your chest.

I find the crucial gun debate falls into two distinct groups. First, people who just want to be left alone, the live-and-let-live freedom crowd with a hundred million gun owners who harm no one. Second, people who want to control the people around them, ugly immoral statists, who would use the power of the state to disarm you, then dictate what you can and cannot do, to their liking. It comes down to freedom vs. control.

How Bad Is It?

U.S. Border Patrol has identified and caught 160 terrorism watchlist suspects trying to infiltrate the U.S. through our Mexican border in 2023 alone. Now Hamas is calling on sympathizers worldwide to commit jihad without delay. The enfeebled person currently occupying the White House is complicit by encouraging immigrants without vetting while insisting the wide-open border is closed and then disbursing them nationally without controls, and you pay bus and airfare.
Officials don’t know how many “gotaways” are terrorists. More keep arriving, using Mr. Biden’s open-door border plan. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) counted 530,000 gotaways last year alone. Border encounters in December 2023 hit a record 260,000. Captured known terrorists hit 659 in September. How many are Hamas? I’ll interpret this: It’s pretty bad.

Remember “sleeper cells”? It describes what these vicious murderers do — they hide until ready to strike. Sneak into America, hide in plain sight, communicate internally, and then wait for the command from leadership.

The real question is how deep the Middle East–China–Russia–North Korea axis runs. Three have nuclear weapons. Only Iran, backing the Gaza attacks, lacks nukes.
Arm yourselves, citizens, and get more training; you’re our first and possibly last line of defense. Promote marksmanship training nationwide now. Open all government ranges to full-fledged civilian marksmanship required by law (10 USC §4309). Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO.org) tells President Biden, don’t get caught drooling with your pants down. Don’t just “stand” there, act. He isn’t listening. It’s going to be up to you.

Not Safe Anywhere

Many American Jews are flocking to gun training classes, just like their counterparts in Israel. Love ’em or hate ’em; they are our allies against the bigger enemy, religious zealots whose brand name you know.

“We can’t put down the phone without picking up the next one,” said a Rabbi in Los Angeles who offers firearm training to the Jewish community. Their mortal enemy Muslim jihadists struck, awakening them all. We must awaken as well; they have us in their sights. What’s the point of being well-armed and trained if you can’t identify the perps? Their cells are still sleeping, but you should not be.

Award-winning author Alan Korwin has written 14 books, 10 of them on gun law, and has advocated for gun rights for nearly three decades. See his work or reach him at GunLaws.com.

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