Rock Your GLOCK

The Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System

The Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System transforms your standard Gen 3 GLOCK 17 into something both more fun and more capable.

The GLOCK 18 is the selective-fire version of the classic GLOCK 17 combat pistol, which is solely available to law enforcement and military users. Notably, Saddam Hussein had one on him when Delta Force dragged his sorry carcass out of his hole.

The infamous illicit GLOCK switch is the next best thing. However, these switches are both illegal and reliably dangerous. Normal folks like us will never even touch a G18 or a GLOCK switch.

That’s honestly just as well. A true full-auto 9mm machine pistol, even a well-designed example like the G18, is really just a bullet hose. It is a great way to be profligate in your ammo expenditure. By contrast, the Franklin Armory G-S173 Binary Firing System (BFS) for GLOCK actually works.

Franklin Armory offers their Binary Firing Systems for a wide variety of platforms.


For now, Franklin Armory’s first Binary trigger for a striker-fired handgun only fits Gen 3 GLOCK 17s. I’m reliably informed that other versions are in the pipeline (with one for the .40 cal. GLOCK 22 Gen 3 recently announced at SHOT Show 2024). Once installed, the BFS looks a bit like a G18 in dim light. The selector lever is in the same place on the slide and lets you switch between traditional semiauto and Binary mode. Unlike other Franklin Armory Binary Firing Systems, there is no separate “safe” setting. That is because the safety on the GLOCK is built into the trigger assembly.

Assembly takes a little talent, but you can manage it. You’ll need a punch and access to YouTube. The complex bit comes secured with a rubber band that you leave in place until installation. My rubber band arrived broken, so some reassembly was required. If that happens, just watch the video and do exactly, precisely what it says. You’ll be fine. Once you have the BFS unit installed and the function checks completed, it is time to hit the range.

The Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System consists of a dedicated slide and a set of custom drop-in internals.

The frame, barrel and recoil spring assembly come from the donor G17.


The superlative drop-in replacement Franklin Armory slide is cut for a red dot and includes premium tritium sights. They really spared no expense building this thing. When set to the standard semiauto position, the G17 BFS functions exactly like your factory GLOCK. However, rotate the selector down to Binary mode, and your favorite GLOCK exhibits a strikingly different personality.

In this configuration, your GLOCK pistol fires one round when you pull the trigger and another when you release it. As that’s still just one shot per individual trigger manipulation, the feds are placated. However, this takes your shooting experience into a whole new space.

There is a cool indicator window on the back of the slide that illuminates the BFS setting.

Everything about the drop-in Franklin Armory slide is top-flight to include its superlative tritium-powered night sights.

Trigger Time

When cycling the trigger fast, the BFS makes double tap easy. Where a low-recoiling long gun equipped with a BFS can print single jagged holes, the GLOCK requires a bit more intentionality. With practice, I could keep each two-round cycle within about three inches at typical CQB ranges.

If you squeeze the trigger, fire that first round, and then have to cease fire, there is a technique to it. Keeping the weapon pointed in a safe direction, just roll the selector back up to semiauto, and the Binary function is disengaged. This obviously takes a little practice to do safely. However, it’s really not hard, like at all.

If the point is simply to have fun, you can coax a fairly amazing rate of fire out of your BFS-equipped GLOCK. However, if the mission is defensive training or competition, the Franklin Armory Binary trigger lets you get that double tap off faster than anything you could manage with a human finger alone.

I could keep a typical 2-round “hammer pair” cycle in about three inches at across-the-room ranges.

So, What’s It Good For?

That’s a very reasonable question. The Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System costs substantially more than the host gun. Why would anyone drop $800 on something like this? The answer is two-fold.

Just blasting away under safe and controlled circumstances with a rapid-fire weapon is pure, unfiltered recreational fun. Don’t hate. We all think so, whether we admit it or not. There is a reason Hollywood is awash in real-deal automatic weapons. Shooting fast safely is fun. However, there’s not much practical demand for that, even in military environments

With the Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System installed, your G17 still runs just like a standard GLOCK pistol.
However, drop the selector into Binary mode and watch your split times improve.

By contrast, this inspired device indeed has practical applications. Managing muzzle flip requires concentration. However, with a little practice, I was double-tapping steel targets like John Wick on speed. Running one of these BFS-equipped GLOCKs can seriously up your shooting game. Whether one might ever choose to use such a beast in a real defensive situation is a decision that would have to be made soberly. However, for training and competition, this thing will absolutely crush your split times.

So, punch it up on YouTube and check out the Franklin Armory G17 BFS for yourself. Chances are it will intrigue you just as it did me. The Franklin Armory G17 Binary Firing System transforms your humble Gen 3 GLOCK 17 into something altogether more.