Northern Precision 10mm Sabre Star Bullets


Northern Precision’s William Noody makes custom bullets, one at a time.

The 10mm Sabre Star bonded bullets have six aggressive petals and a deep cup in the hollow point. Rather than having the lead core come all the way up to the rim of the hollow point, the lead stops short of the “petals.” Before I tested the bullets, I theorized the hollow point would fill rapidly and put the brakes on quickly.

For 10mm, a caliber that can toss 180-grain bullets at 1,150 fps without much effort, reloaders have to consider overpenetration when loading for defense or hunting. I loaded Sabre Star 10mm bullets over 3N37 and shot them through Springfield Armory’s newest XD-M Elite 4.5″ OSP 10mm.

These .40 caliber hammers took 18″ to stop in bare gelatin, opening to 140% and retaining 100% of their weight. Through windshield glass, they expanded and traveled 15″, staying together. This is exactly the performance we want from a bonded bullet.

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