Loaded Questions

Most of my experimentation with Syntech bullets has been with the 230-gr. .45 ACP bullet using four powders, namely True Blue and ZIP from Western Powders as well as Alliant’s Sport Pistol and Green Dot. I have achieved excellent results with all four. Some examples are 5.5 grains of Sport Pistol for 860-880 fps and 1" groups at 20 yards from a Ruger SR 1911, Springfield Armory 1911A1 Stainless Steel and Colt Gold Cup. I found 7.0 grains of True Blue clocks out at 850 fps with 1" groups in the Ruger and the Kimber Target II, and 5.5 grains of ZIP is just under 800 fps and achieves the same groups with all four mentioned semi-automatic pistols. While all of these are excellent results, the most outstanding performance came from 5.5 grains of Green Dot giving around 825 fps and slightly tighter groups from all four pistols. Obviously, there’s something very special about Syntech 230-gr. polymer-coated red bullets.

Switching to the 10mm and Syntech 165-gr. FN .40 bullet over 6.5 grains of Sport Pistol gave 1" groups in a Kimber Target II Stainless at 1,130 fps and the same accuracy in a Nighthawk Long Slide at 1,185 fps. The best group of all from any of the Syntech bulleted loads and guns tested came from the Long Slide Nighthawk using 6.0 grains of ZIP. A relatively mild shooting load at just over 1,000 fps, it placed five shots in 7/8" with so little felt recoil it’s literally a load one can shoot all day.