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I’m not certain what the definition is of the “Perfect Storm” but we’re clearly experiencing some atmospheric disturbance. Have you walked through a gun store lately? If so, you’ll probably find most of the ammo shelves empty. Why? Perhaps it’s a combination of things beginning with the COVID pandemic followed by civil unrest, rioting, burning down businesses, or financial instability. The tumultuous activity encouraged 7 million first-time gun buyers to purchase ammo to feed their newly purchased handguns. Then political chaos struck the heart of America like we’ve never seen before, and our Constitutional Second Amendment is being scrutinized by politicians. It’s no wonder honest, hard-working, law-abiding citizens are concerned. Gun sales have spiked and ammo is flying off the shelves.

Take Control

If the lack of factory ammo hasn’t got you to at least consider reloading, nothing probably will. Yes, reloading components — especially primers, are almost as scarce as ammo. Certain powders are difficult to obtain, along with many types of bullets. Components have seen price increases like everything else. But if you look hard enough and shop around, you may be able to scrounge up enough to get you through until we see brighter days ahead.

Gun writers are not immune from the current ammo shortage. Thankfully, I have enough reloading components stashed away to get through this storm. This isn’t the first ammo shortage we’ve experienced, nor will it be the last. Having a hard time finding ammo? Don’t have enough rounds to shoot to your heart’s content? Even with the arduous task of procuring components, you may still want to consider rolling your own.

Reloading is a great hobby that gives you flexibility. Handloaders can experiment with different loads finding the right combination that performs superbly in their particular firearm. Load up rounds specifically for hunting or change recipes to punch paper or steel while practicing. It also offers a potential cost benefit. There is a start-up cost for equipment and components. With this year’s ammo shortages and dramatic increase in prices, the cost recovery period for equipment has shortened significantly.

Under normal circumstances, one could assume the cost of reloaded ammo was approximately half of the cost of new with similar components. Savvy consumers could even reduce component costs and increase the benefit ratio. Obviously, the rising costs of components currently enter this equation.

A recent conversation with my good friend and Redding Reloading guru, Robin Sharpless, confirmed more shooters are getting in to reloading now and reloading die sales have increased substantially. You probably won’t see any new products offered from Redding this year — they can’t keep up with current demand. So regardless of component shortages, those who haven’t reloaded in the past are certainly entertaining the investment today.

Redding’s T-7 turret system allows you to insert multiple dies in the press.
When one stage is complete,turn the press and go to the next stage.

Redding Solutions

Redding products are American made, and the company is still located in the same area where the company began in a chicken coop with one product — a powder scale. As a way of celebrating and showing customer appreciation, Redding will freeze their 2020 pricing throughout 2021. This gesture is most welcome and definitely a departure from increasing price points we are experiencing in so much of the shooting sector.

Handloading for pistol ammo, I like their T-7 turret system. Place all four dies into the turret and when you finish one stage, simply turn the turret and go to the next. Redding’s four-die set for pistols is an absolute must for me. I much prefer seating the bullet in one stage and crimping in another.

Their micrometer seating dies are also beneficial in more ways than one. Loading single-shot pistol rounds like 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Winchester, their competition shell holders are extremely helpful when bumping the shoulder of the cases correctly.

If you’re getting started, purchase at least one reloading manual from Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, or other well-respected sources. There is a wealth of beneficial information in these manuals, helping you to get on the right track safely. Be very cautious about using loads from any other source not affiliated with industry standards.

Granted, component costs are increasing as well as items becoming more difficult to find, but reloading still represents a logical economic decision. I would bet the farm this is not the last ammo shortage we will experience!

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