Vegetarian Handgunner?

Nostalgia is all very well, but more to the point what is the situation today? Far fewer kids grow up in rural environments, with the opportunity to hunt or shoot right outside the door. Back in the day we may have had to make do with Dad’s big old 12-gauge pumpgun, but at least there was a gun in the house. Not to mention a Dad.

These days it’s not unusual to meet handgunners who don’t own or shoot long guns, and in fact may never have fired a rifle or shotgun. Often they have little interest in the outdoor life, don’t hunt or fish, and may even be opposed to hunting. Heck, I know a couple of outstanding handgun shooters who are vegetarians.

None of which bothers me. As long as we share a common interest in learning and improving shooting skills — and in preserving the freedom to own and use firearms — we’ll get along just fine. If you refuse to eat the slow-cooked ribs or the almond-crusted walleye fillets, it just means more for me.

Learning to shoot accurately by starting out with handguns has both pros and cons. Handguns are shorter, lighter and less forgiving of errors in hold or trigger control.