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Dave? Wishy-Washy?

Well… Maybe… Or Not? By Dave Anderson “You know what your problem is?” my buddy asked. “You’re wishy-washy. You’re too

Viridian Laser System

By Dave Anderson Long ago, laser sighting systems were huge, expensive, impractical novelties. Impractical maybe, but the concept — simply

Taking Gun Photos

By Dave Anderson American Handgunner has featured the work of truly outstanding photographers such as Chuck Pittman, Robbie Barkmann, Ichiro


By Dave Anderson My shooting bud Mike Nason is a police captain, a good shooter and extremely knowledgeable about all

Start ’Em Out Right

By Dave Anderson If you’re reading this, you’re likely a pretty decent shot, a supporter of gun rights, a responsible

G. Wm. Davis

Iconic Leather Craftsman, Passes. Gordon Davis, or “G. Wm. Davis” as he stamped his work, was a groundbreaking leather craftsman.