1791 Gunleather

Feisty Forefathers Approved

Dateline: December 15, 1791. The feisty forefathers of the new United States of America, ratify the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, thereby confirming our fundamental rights. Key point: All of this activity protected existing rights, like the right to bear arms — something the 1791 Leather folks take very seriously. You just might have guessed this by the company’s name.

Carry On

How we carry and conceal our shooters is as personal and preferential as the type of handgun we carry every day. The holster we choose provides the means of securely carrying and concealing that handgun.

1791 Gunleather starts by using 100 percent certified American, heavy native steer hide for their products. The team consists of four generations of master leather artisans combining craftmanship, performance and innovation by blending traditional gun leather with contemporary styles everyone can appreciate.
I have several holsters bearing the 1791 brand.

The Fair Chase (top) and Ultra Custom (bottom) offer comfortable and convenient
ways of carrying IWB. Even Tank’s full-size GLOCKs had no problem riding in these
minimalist holsters.

Ultra Custom

The Ultra Custom features Memory-Lok technology — the first of its kind — allowing Kydex-like custom fit and retention characteristics, with the soft comfort of leather. Can’t beat that! A patent-pending process lets you customize your holster for your firearm with a simple three-step process. It works! If needed, you can repeat the process to re-fit down the road.

This holster comes with a reinforced synthetic tuckable clip for secure IWB carry and slim profile for concealment. The open-top design allows easy drawing and holstering. The Ultra Custom is available in six sizes, from revolvers to full-frame pistols. For my purposes, I have one for my GLOCK 22. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Fair Chase

The typical Frontiersman knew the value of “buckskin,” making everything possible, bags, shirts, moccasins and even britches from it. Buckskin offers a unique combination of strength, resistance and flexibility unmatched by any leather. 1791 uses only “Fair Chase” whitetail deer hides for this comfy holster. The pattern, combined with buckskin qualities, accommodate a wide range of firearms.

A strong, American-made clip keeps your Fair Chase holster secure and in place for quick draw and preferred mounting angle. The heavy, reinforced stitching guarantees security and a lifetime of comfortable service.

The Open Top Paddle holster is made for convenience, security and stylish good looks.
If you’re the kind who likes to take your rig on and off throughout the day, this holster’s for you.

Open Top Paddle Holster

Paddle holsters provide a perfect blend of convenience and security. The polymer paddle allows fast on/off capabilities yet provides stability with comfort. But don’t confuse convenience with vulnerability.

The paddle keeps the holster snugged securely to the body while the retention hooks keep the holster anchored while drawing. The paddle is adjustable for optimal cant angle. Other features include a leather sweat guard, adjustable screw for custom tension fit. It’s available for numerous pistols and revolvers.

Carrying my Mag-na-port 3″ custom GP100 .44 Special was a joy with this holster and I really appreciated the easy on/off abilities.

The “Optic Ready Multi Fit” belt holster is traditionally styled with dual belt slots.
The low-cut front allows any optic-equipped pistol to fit properly. Even without an
optic, it’s a great all-around rig.

Optic Ready (OR) Multi-Fit Belt Holster

Red dot sights are here to stay! It only makes sense having OR holsters to accommodate these sights. Even if you’re not ready for an optic sight yet, these holsters still allow the secure carry and versatility of your favorite pistol. Made of top-quality steer-hide, this double-slotted holster keeps your gun strapped tight against your body while allowing quick access and draw.

The low-cut front accommodates optic sights. The holster throat and body are reinforced with a second layer of leather for easier holstering and secure retention. My S&W Shield .45 fits like a glove in the Multi-Fit holster even though it’s sans an optic sight. When my eyes do deceive me, I’ll be able to use this holster after mounting an optic. Nice!

There’s More

Besides holsters, 1791 Gunleather makes a slew of gun belts, rifle slings and magazine pouches. All 1791 leather holsters/products are made of 100 percent certified cowhide leather and have a lifetime warranty for each product.
When supporting companies like 1791 Gunleather you’re not only getting really cool, top quality, functional gear, you’re supporting the 2nd Amendment at the same time!

For more info: www.1791gunleather.com

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