Component Choices

When you choose a powder to use for reloading a .25 auto, you’ll almost always need to use a fast powder. There really isn’t a lot of capacity for a slower powder, nor do most .25s provide enough barrel for a complete ignition of a slower powder. Fast powders and a small burning chamber can be a recipe for disaster. I picked Unique because it is relatively fast burning but gives the user a wider margin for experimenting. Most .25 Auto loads will get you to around 90% case capacity, which is one reason why .25s are often consistent across a chronograph. You’re looking for speeds around 725-770 fps.

There are even fewer manufacturers of bullets or molds in .25 Auto. My “go to” place for bullets when I’m not pouring my own is Bear Creek Bullets in Waterford, Calif. makes a 55-grain LRN that loads, feeds, and stabilizes well. Their proprietary lube is unique, and they’ve catered to competitive shooters for three decades. Bear Creek’s owner Steve will tell everyone he taught me to shoot. If he wishes to claim my poor shooting, I’m okay with that.

One must really love reloading to tackle the tiny .25, but believe me, it’s worth it.

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