Dick’s next animal was a zebra. It took hours of looking, but they finally found a small herd. Dick says, “After 15 minutes, they come out right in front of us and Tian (PH) tells me 65 yards and the stallion is behind all the mares. He said to shoot one of the big mares. They were going to run. I put the red dot behind the shoulder, lit the switch, and black and white stripes go in every direction.

“Tian says, ‘I can’t see her.’ Then he steps to the right. She dropped right where she stood, behind a bush. The 282-grain HP hit her behind the right front shoulder on a bit of an angle, dropping her, taking out both lungs.” Wow! What a performance for the humble cast bullet! Dick impressed the staff with both his shooting and the gun/cast bullet combination, as they had never hosted a handgun hunter before.

“I used my Ruger 45 Bisley again with the 282-grain HP, and the bullet didn’t exit. The recovered bullet held up quite well, going 1,350 fps at the muzzle from the 8.5" barrel. Matt, gunsmith for Tyler Gun Works, did one heck of a job re-barreling this gun. It is a shooter!”