A.G. Russell Sandbox Dagger

A New Level Of Toughness

Sharpened steel is as primitive and practical now as when it was when first invented. From daily utilitarian chores to last-ditch self-defense efforts, knives serve many purposes and never run out of ammo. And hey, who doesn’t love a great knife?

Speaking of great knives, A.G. Russell Knives has been on the cutting-edge (pun intended) of blades and edged weapons since 1964. Unfortunately, Founder A.G. Russell III passed in 2018, but the company has remained committed to producing quality knives backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.

One of the last knives designed by A.G. himself was the Sandbox Dagger — and it’s no playground toy.

Sandbox Dagger

Referencing the engagement in the Middle East, the Sandbox Dagger is the fourth knife in the A.G. Russell Sandbox series of combat knives. Unlike popular military designs like the Fairborn/Sykes and Marine Raider Stiletto, the Sandbox Dagger brings a new level of toughness to a very important tool.

Made from tough, high carbon DM1 steel, the A.G. Russell Sandbox Dagger doesn’t suffer a fragile blade point, a common weakness of the aforementioned designs and other daggers. Instead, the Sandbox Dagger has a four-grind blade, ground with a thick spine all the way to the point for greater strength. Because of this, the point is two to three times thicker than traditional daggers.

The blade profile is also wider than the Marine Raider Stiletto at 1 3/16″ at its widest point and sports a “varied edge angle” that transitions from a 15-degree sharpening angle for 75% of the 6″ blade to a 45-degree angle along the last inch on both sides for added strength and durability.

So just how strong is the Sandbox Dagger? A.G. wanted the blade to push through a metal AK magazine without blade deformation — and it did. The team has put together a couple of videos testing the dagger with pretty remarkable results, including hammering one into a butcher-block table and bending the blade parallel without the tip or knife breaking.

The blade is coated with Chromium Carbonitride, better known as Diamond Like Coating (DLC), which is harder than the steel itself, and further coated with RustFree to retard rusting. Measuring 10 3/8″ long and weighing 5.7 oz., the Sandbox Dagger’s scales are made of CNC-machined Olive Drab Rucarta with A.G.’s own Omni-Directional pattern for increased gripping ability.

Also included with the Sandbox Dagger is a ballistic nylon sheath with Kydex liner and a front pouch for a large folding knife or sharpening stone. MSRP is $375.

For more info: www.agrussell.com, Ph: (800) 255-9034

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