Origin Story

The chief bottle washer at Shadow Systems is a gentleman named Trevor Roe. At age 15 Trevor was the youngest Master Class shooter in the USPSA. He has trained extensively with Taran Butler (the guy who transformed Keanu Reeves into John Wick), attended West Point, and knocked out two combat tours downrange as an Infantry officer. For more than four years, he has helmed Shadow Systems.

Shadow Systems reimagined what it meant to build a handgun. They design and produce their firearms using tools and manufacturing philosophy spawned from the Information Age. Applying best practices and cutting-edge technology, they enhanced what was important and binned what wasn’t. Throughout the process, the focus remained firmly locked on the needs of the end user. Aesthetics and ancillary stuff came second.

Employing around 100 workers in their new state-of-the-art Plano, Texas, facility, Shadow Systems is populated top to bottom with compulsive shooters. From the designers to the folks who stuff guns into boxes, these are former cops, combat veterans and competitive trigger pullers. The attention to detail is obvious the moment you heft one of their extraordinary heaters.