Ballistol: 1,001 Uses …
And More!


Over 30 years ago, I discovered the benefits of Ballistol oil. If ever there was a “do-it-all” snake oil, Ballistol would be it, but it actually does all it says it will. I’d say it has 1,001 uses, but that’s just the beginning.

I use it primarily as a gun oil/solvent, but it also does double duty as a wood, leather and metal cleaner/protector with the canny ability to “bring back” faded wood and plastic. I’ve personally seen it work wonders on tired and faded surfaces.

A light oil, it won’t go “gummy” on you over the years. There’s a story of a bottle of Ballistol being found in an attic after 60 years. The oil “had not hardened” and analysis revealed it had the same degree of purity as freshly produced Ballistol. Now that’s something to brag about!


Dr. Helmut Klever, clever devil he was, developed the oil in 1904, naming it Ballistol from the words Ballistic and Oleum, Latin for oil. It was obvious the oil had truly amazing characteristics and was adopted by the German Imperial army in 1905 and remained in use until 1945. By then, word had spread of the “miracle oil” and hunters, boaters, hikers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were dedicated users of Ballistol.

Practical Uses

Ballistol has been on my work bench for over 30 years. It’s all I use to clean my guns. I start by spraying my barrels, cylinder face, or any other part caked with powder residue or fouling. I let it soak in, loosening the residue. Usually a rag, or patched jag is all that is necessary to clean the gun.

Due to Ballistol being slightly alkaline, it neutralizes and dissolves black powder and corrosive ammo residue. Ballistol also beautifies your wood gun stocks, keeping them from drying out, while providing a natural sheen.

Other Uses

Ever have water in your gas tank from condensation? Simply pour a quart of Ballistol in your tank and it will mix with the water and burn out with the fuel. I’ve done it to an old lawn mower. Ballistol is also perfect for rods, reels, motor compartments, battery terminals, zippers, or anything else prone to oxidizing from a harmful marine environment.

Clean And Green

Ballistol is a biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly product. It can even be used as an antiseptic. In addition, Ballistol is non-carcinogenic and skin safe. You can even spray it on greenery to discourage harmful insects from invading your garden, without harming your plants.

It Works!

Ballistol comes in convenient, CFC-free aerosol cans, or liquid form, in quarts and gallons, for heavy users. I keep several quarts on hand for many gun related purposes, as well as aerosol cans, simply because it works!

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