In 10 long chapters called “Titles,” H.R. 5717 sets out a licensing scheme that totally infringes on firearms in America. It makes the Second Amendment null and void so it cannot legitimately be a floor bill. I know, I know, these things require amending the Constitution. Just watch them. Like I said in the opening, they don’t care. The only thing stopping them is your vote — they lack power. With power, No Lives Matter, you’re disarmed, and the Constitution is illegally gutted. Who do you point your gun at?

Training, not described, will be required to get a mandatory license, including taking a class, passing a written test, completing a shooting test, demonstrating knowledge of firearms laws, and knowing the government’s concept of safe use, under undisclosed conditions, times and places. Instructor qualifications and duration — to keep the guns you already own, or get any new ones, will follow. Absolutely nothing prevents these usurpers from creating impossible classes, conditions and repetitive fees.

Procedures for obtaining this license to own your own firearms will be established by the U.S. Attorney General, appointed by the President, including explaining why a given person is found ineligible. Expect some “rights” groups to argue over the details, instead of suggesting revolt against abrogation of the Constitution, which this bill is. There is no legitimate authority to even suggest such a bill. They don’t care.