Outgunned, Not

Concealed carry is much more common today, and the hardware has evolved. Semi-automatics are the norm, especially small, compact pistols which are easily concealed and extremely reliable. But some things never change. Defense is still about being smarter than the threat. Sure, sometimes force is necessary. Solving the problem, as safely and efficiently as possible, still involves using your brain.

I remember my mom and grandmother telling the story about how bootleggers hoped to ambush my grandfather late one night as he returned home. (He refused their bribes.) While they sat outside the house, armed with Thompson machine guns, Gramps, one of the smartest men I’ve ever known, simply slipped around the back alleys and snuck into the house through the basement. He left the same way, the bad guys never aware. Outgunned? Sure, but not outsmarted.

Responding to danger is about problem solving, often at high speed. Trouble appears. You’re forced to make life-and-death decisions in fractions of a second. The entire fight will probably only last a few seconds total. The key is Boyd’s O.O.D.A. Loop.