Bravo Concealment LINKed Holster


Here’s a mea culpa moment: I always feel I “should” carry at least one spare magazine for capacity and failure resistance. Do I follow through? Not nearly often enough.

If you’re an appendix carrier or considering the method, a spare mag solution is clearly in the benefits column. Consider the new LINKed Holster from Bravo Concealment. Up-front placement means you can attach a sidecar for an extra mag with no concealment cost. No need to find a different spot on the opposite side and no need to stuff the pockets. And your magazine is just as accessible as your gun.

The injection-molded rig uses two belt clips for a stable mount across the centerline. A removable concealment wing applies forward pressure to the belt, forcing the gun closer to aid concealment. Proper fit means everything, and the spaced holes and slots allow you to slide belt clips and even the sidecar up and down for just the right fit.

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