Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Specialty Loads for Serious Shooters

Buffalo Bore’s Outdoorsman line features flat-nosed hardcast bullets known for deep penetration and wound channels.

Not everyone casts bullets or reloads their own ammo. Several readers have asked what factory ammo I’d recommend as a substitute for those heavy cast bullet loads I love for shooting and hunting. In my opinion, Tim Sundles’ company, Buffalo Bore, is just the ticket for the type of custom handloaded ammunition we all like so much.

Whenever evaluating a gun, I always try to test some Buffalo Bore Ammo, as experience has shown it’s one of the most accurate brands. One of my favorites is Buffalo Bore’s Outdoorsman series. Using hardcast lead projectiles, with large, flat-nosed bullet designs, and driven to maximum velocity within safe pressures, the Outdoorsman line of ammo is perfect for those looking for maximum penetration and wound channel diameter.

Tim knows a large, flat-nosed cast bullet will out-penetrate most jacketed slugs, something vital for dangerous game. Famed Alaskan guide Phil Shoemaker used 9mm Outdoorsman ammo to kill a large, unruly brown bear while guiding a fisherman a few years back. While not the perfect gun and caliber for the situation, it demonstrates what a cool head and good ammo can accomplish during an unprovoked bear attack.

Having shot a half dozen different calibers of Outdoorsman ammo over the years, all has exceeded claimed velocities, while shooting accurately.

Here’s some big bore brutes loaded by Buffalo Bore, left to right: the 460 S&W, 500 S&W, and 500 Linebaugh, all with LBT style radiused flat nose hardcast slugs.

Hi-Tech Bullets

Besides using terrific, hardcast slugs, Buffalo Bore also offers Barnes “all copper” and monolithic solids, for states requiring “lead free” ammunition. Buffalo Bore also offers loads topped with traditional jacketed flat-nose and hollow point bullets for defensive and other use.

Buffalo Bore also uses Barnes all copper bullets, monolithic solids and traditional
jacketed hollow point bullets for some of their loads.

Wonderful Website

Buffalo Bore’s Website is full of information and easy to navigate. Simply go to either the rifle or handgun category and look at the caliber of ammunition you need. There are usually several choices for each caliber, with color coded categories giving full descriptions for ease of selection. A cursory look shows over 38 different handgun calibers and more than 30 different rifle calibers. Be sure to keep on eye on the “new” listings for additional calibers and load choices.

The FAQ page answers several common questions you may have, as well as anecdotal stories, and explanations as to why Buffalo Bore does things the way they do. It is definitely worth your while to read it. You just may learn something. There are also lists of technical writings from several publications involving the use of Buffalo Bore ammunition.

And remember, it costs almost as much to ship one box of ammo as it does a dozen, so order several boxes to save money. Orders of 12 boxes or more to the lower 48 include free shipping! Now that’s a bargain!

So, if you don’t cast, handload, or have the time to do so, but want custom quality ammo, check out Buffalo Bore ammo! For more details, visit BuffaloBore.com.