Build Your Own Magnum Research Custom BFR


Sooner or later, we all develop opinions in what we want in a revolver. “If only they’d build it like this, I’d buy one in a second,” we think to ourselves. The folks at Magnum Research know this and have been offering the “Build Your Gun” option on the Internet for a few years now. Whether it be a BFR, Desert Eagle or MLR rifle. For educational purposes, we’ll be building a BFR today.

First, visit You’ll have a pull-down screen with the choice of building a Desert Eagle, BFR, MLR rifle. Click on BFR for this purpose.

A new screen will pop up, giving options. The first option is Frame.

Choose from long or short frame, depending on caliber. You then have
three choices of color cased, black oxide, or stainless.

After choosing your frame, frame grip is your next choice. Choose from
color cased, black oxide, or stainless for finish. Next up is caliber.

Now comes the barrel. Choose length and finish. Other options include
octagonal, fluted, or round. Any barrel length can be ordered, even if it’s
not shown. Just contact the custom shop.

The cylinder is your next option. Choose from color cased, black oxide,
or stainless with round, flutes, or even pentagonal style available.

Grip is the next choice. Choose cowboy or Bisley style, with stock choices
of rosewood, black micarta, ivory micarta, or rubber.

After your grips comes the hammer. Choose from a choice of color cased,
black nitride, or standard. The trigger has the same choices.

Tank’s Build

My dream gun from Magnum Research would look something like this. A short color cased frame, black nitride Bisley grip with rosewood stocks, as well as black nitride Bisley hammer and trigger. The 10″ octagonal barrel would be sans sights and barrel/ejector rod housing would also have a black nitride finish. I would scope it, as it would be a pure hunting gun.

Custom Contact

The build your custom gun website isn’t perfect, but it does expose you to most options available. Plus, it’s fun to build guns and see what they look like for free. When you’re ready to take the plunge, add your build to your basket and check out. Lead time now for a custom build is running 8-12 months. Not bad for a gun built to your specifications.

If you want to go beyond the parameters of the website, simply contact the custom shop via email, or the phone listed on the website. Magnum Research BFR revolvers have been the sleeping dog in the revolver world. Those who have them, love them, and for good reason. They are well built, accurate and made in the U.S.A. I love mine!