Chiappa CBR-9

While it resembles a CZ Scorpion EVO 3 crossed with an IWI UZI, the Chiappa CBR-9 is an original project with several pending design patents. Chambered in 9mm, the CBR-9 is a semi-auto pistol with collapsible pistol brace.

Built on a polymer lower with integrated grip and magazine well, all mechanical components of the blow-back operated CBR-9 are housed in the steel upper receiver. However, the pistol’s bolt weighs half that of similar guns and its hammer sits above the 9” barrel and swings downwards instead of upwards, like traditional semi-auto carbines.

Another design feature is seen in its 18-round magazine, which takes a page out of the SIG SAUER P365 and Springfield Hellcat playbook to combine double-stack capacity with single-stack feeding lips for increased capacity and reliable feeding. Chiappa also says larger magazines will be made available in the future.