Women’s gear has to be more than just “making it pink.” When I look at carry gear I really concentrate on the fine print … err printing. Whether it be guns, gear or clothing, women want products to fulfill their specific needs. For example, our clothes fit differently so I really concentrate on clothes made with guns in mind. Shouldn’t you? While we may want a full-size 1911, it might not be the best choice for our hands. Looking for a sub-compact gun that isn’t snappy? Look no further. If you’re looking to carry off-body, I’ve found a holster system that works just as good in a messenger bag. So read on to see some of my top choices for ladies’ CCW gear and see if you agree!

5.11 Tactical pants

5.11 Tactical Mesa Pant

The Mesa pant by 5.11 helps you hide in plain sight. The fit and form is that of an outdoor pant. The function is perfect for shooting and concealed carry. The stretch fabric allows for a full range of movement with an 8″ leg opening. The pants are built with a wide waistband for holster support, with belt loops wide enough for a sturdy belt. You get reinforced pockets with mag pockets at the back yolk. I really enjoy the zippered side pockets; they’re great for storing reloads or cell phones. These pants are cute enough to wear anywhere … even the range.

Butler creek

Butler Creek ASAP

Reloading magazines shouldn’t be an actual pain in the fingers. Whether you’re reloading two or 200 magazines, the ASAP makes the job easy. Just push the mag loader down, insert the round below the feed lips and raise the loader up. With a click of the ASAP reloader your hands can be put to better use, like shooting.

Crossbreed holster

CrossBreed Purse Defender

The CrossBreed Purse Defender gives me an accessible concealed weapon in whatever purse I happen to be carrying. I also found it works well in my messenger bag. The rigid, L-shaped, Velcro surfaced panel is designed to fit into your bag and provide a stable platform for a handcrafted CrossBreed holster. Available with just the holster, or with a holster/magazine combo, there is no more need to search for a gun that has shifted with movement. The Purse Defender keeps my pistol positioned “ready to draw” from the same spot every time. With CrossBreed’s “Try it Free Guarantee” and lifetime warranty there’s no reason not to!

Kitanica Jacket

Kitanica Lady Bug

Kitanica’s fleece jacket is engineered for the female figure. The contoured design is not only comfortable but also helps for concealment. It’s a wind-, water- and abrasion-resistant garment made from 100 Denier laminated polyester fleece. It’s built to serve and last. Its front zipper is backed by a wind placket to keep weather out and warmth in. I love the waist draw cord to keep my jacket down and avoid concealment slip-ups!

SIG Sauer

SIG SAUER P365 9mm

The SIG SAUER P365 is all about the fine print. When carrying this gun, you’re hard-pressed to see the “print.” This extremely thin double-column 9mm is only 1″ wide. No need to size up in pants to tuck this gun inside the waistband. The 10-round P365 gives you 11 rounds if you carry +1, while most of the competitors only offer 7. The P365 comes with XRAY3 “day/night” sights, which are very easy to pick up in low light. The P365 weighs in at 17.8 oz.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 380 EZ

The Shield 380 EZ is exactly as the name describes. It’s so easy to rack I initially thought it was broken. The .380 ACP EZ has a Picatinny accessory rail up front for lights and lasers. With the tactile loaded chamber indicator, you can see and feel the status of the chamber. The EZ has a grip safety and is available with a thumb safety. Oh, and reloads? The 8-round magazines have a load assist button … so those are “EZ” too. The pistol weighs 18.5 oz., making it EZ to EDC.


Streamlight TLR-7/TLR-8

The Streamlight TLR-7/TLR-8 packs 500 lumens into a mini powerhouse. The extremely low-profile weapon mounted light is ambidextrous and activates with very little effort. The TLR-7 has a safe off feature to prevent accidental activation. It’s 2.15″ long and weighs only 2.4 oz. The TLR-8 is the same powerhouse with the addition of a red laser. With a run time of 1.5 hours, this tool is small but mighty and a must-have on all concealed carry guns.

sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters

Sticky Holsters are an absolute life saver. These holsters grab onto clothing, utilizing the sticky texture on the outside of the holster. The Sticky Holster easily traverses between guns and carry options. Since my Sticky Holster doesn’t have loops, I don’t need a belt. Over time the Sticky Holster seems to mold to your body, while resisting sweat and grime. The ultra-thin material doesn’t leave a huge print in clothing … and I’ve even done this with leggings!

N82 Tactical

N82 Tactical Hers

The Hers by N82 Tactical took the comfort of their IWB and focused it on the female form. The flat style of The Hers holster back surrounds the gun. The suede back keeps the gun away from the body, while the foam inlay adds to the comfort. I found this full coverage style helps keep you cooler while minimizing printing. The Hers works with or without a belt … If you’re like me and don’t always wear a belt, this is important. The clip alone provides enough tension to secure the gun to your body.

Walther PPQ

Walther PPQ SC 9mm

The Walther PPQ Sub-Compact (SC) in 9mm is one of my fave concealed carry guns! This polymer-framed, 10+1 9mm isn’t snappy and doesn’t tear up your hands. The short, crisp trigger is easy for smaller-handed shooters and delivers a smooth pull. The smooth edges on the SC make it comfortable to wear directly against the body. An interchangeable backstrap system makes it easily customizable to your hand. Weight is 21.2 oz.