Now My Hellcat Has Its Own Decal!

I put Handleitgrips on several guns, and now my Hellcat has its own zombie-colored accents. It looks great, and the increased traction on my gun is noticeable. Moreover, this texture doesn’t yank up my T-shirt when my gun rides IWB.

Handleitgrips are premium laser-cut decal grips with various textures made for a wide range of guns. Their rubber material is very tacky. No, not tacky as in gaudy, but tacky like it causes the gun to adhere to the hand … in a good way.

Handleitgrips differ from many other decal grips because the decal covers much more of the actual handle of the gun. Owner and Veteran Keith Myers told me the S&W Shield model decal covers almost 95% of the gun handle. The decal I put on my Hellcat takes up most of the handle, and it came with a set for the base of the extended magazines.

Peel and stick application makes for a pain-free upgrade.

Time To Ditch The Skateboard Tape

They have several different textures, including a rubberized texture (my favorite); sandpaper, which feels much better than the skateboard-tape varieties; and vinyl, which comes in dozens of colors and patterns, including Kryptek. The vinyl decals also come in a variety of textures. Okay, some of the vinyl colors may be a little tacky, but Myers assures me shooters like to dress up their guns in striking colors. The grip kits are inexpensive enough for users to mix and match. In fact, I might put the regular rubberized panels on my G19, and try the EXTREME material for the backstrap. This is also my choice for a duty gun, for those of you who serve.

Handleitgrips decal kits are basically peel and stick. Because the texture in my hand differs from that of the gun, I find indexing my hand on the grip of the gun is more consistent. I tried to grip with wet hands, and there is a significant improvement in function.

Installation is pretty straightforward. First, it is important the firearm is unloaded and safe to handle. The user wipes the original grip down with alcohol and a lint-free towel. It is wise to wrap the grip around the gun without removing the backing first, just to eyeball the fit. When it is completely dry, the grip material is placed on the gun by carefully removing the adhesive backing. When all the air bubbles are removed and the grip is placed correctly, the grip is heated with a hairdryer.

The heat makes the grip material adhere a little better and conform to the contours of the gun. I found heating the material, then assuming a proper grip on the gun, helped press everything into place.

Make trigger mods before applying Handleitgrips or you might have to get creative with a grip fix.

Avoid Rookie Mistakes

I did a rookie thing when I first installed my grip: I put it on, then went to install my Apex Action Enhancement Trigger. Since the decal covers some of the holes to access the pins, I had to peel it a little for the installation. I managed to do this, then use the hairdryer. Apex your Hellcat first, then add the grips.

I have done several, and Handleitgrips fit my guns exactly. Just to clarify, I have used many grip-enhancement products on my guns, and consistency and design precision is what keeps the products from peeling prematurely. This kind of product does not last forever, but this particular product will stay on much longer than anything I have in the inventory. The critical factor is how well the grip material conforms to the contours of the gun once seated and heated. The Handleitgrips material is outstanding.

Myers said his route to a successful gun-accessory business was full of trial and error. It began when he was working as a defense contractor. He wasn’t completely satisfied with products available, and started designing templates for grips. When he discovered a high-quality texture material used in military applications, he started experimenting.

The entire Myers family is involved in the business. Keith’s wife, Cristy, works in the daily operations, and son, Harrison, handles social media. They have a pretty robust footprint in the social media world.

I have the opportunity to talk to CCW professionals on a regular basis. Depending on the agency, most issuers of CCW permits allow two things without any change to the CCW: grip enhancement and sights. Most L.E. agencies allow decal grips without prior approval. Your mileage may vary.

Handleitgrips just released a couple of different types of grips; EXTREME, which uses the most aggressive texture they’ve marketed; and Hybrid, which is the combination of the rubber grip and sandpaper side panels.

Handleitgrips are designed and made in the USA by a veteran-owned business that supports the Second Amendment. They have designs for many major handgun products.

For more info: Handleitgrips.com