Life Changes

A gun in any holster adds weight and bulk to the daily routine. You might find yourself purchasing a whole new wardrobe in order to accommodate this new lifestyle. I buy my pants at least one size up from what I need to accommodate my gun and holster if I’m carrying IWB.

I have also run into issues with shirts. The humorous T-shirts from the mall might be perfect for getting a good laugh, but they tend to shrink and be very thin. You don’t want to reveal your firearm while reaching for a box of cereal on the top shelf at the grocery store. “Printing” is when the gun’s outline shows through clothing. It’s a form of brandishing, and if anyone feels threatened, which doesn’t take much these days, you could find yourself in some trouble.

The first time you carry, it’s going to feel like the gun is moving all over, and you won’t be sure when to adjust it to make it comfortable. Obviously, the goal is to not draw attention to yourself or the gun. Just find some place away from everyone and do all the adjusting you need. As time goes on, you will become more and more comfortable when carrying a gun. Moreover, you will probably begin feeling uncomfortable if you’re not carrying!