Ed Brown FX2

Topped With Trijicon RMRcc

What red-blooded American wouldn’t enjoy wrapping their well-versed fingers in an overhand grip around the stylish slide of a Commander-sized 1911? Racking the slide, a freedom seed is smoothly and precisely chambered home. The stylish rear cut serrations honoring “Old Glory” herself in the image of the American flag provides proper purchase while displaying your unbridled patriotism.

This isn’t just a dream — it’s the new Ed Brown FX2, a cutting-edge 1911 designed for concealed carry.

Ed Brown FX2

A Commander-sized 1911 chambered in .45 ACP, the FX2 is completely hand-built with fully machined parts per Ed Brown’s high standards of precision and performance. In business for 52 years, the Ed Brown way simply works.

Crafted from stainless steel and sporting an industrial finish, FX2 measures 7.75″ long by 6″ tall and weighs 41 oz., unloaded. Combined with a rounded bobtail grip, the pistol is still a manageable carry gun. The frame is adorned with Ed Brown’s classic snakeskin frontstrap and mainspring housing, offering a slip-grip for confident and accurate shooting.

The slide boasts custom FX1 cuts on the front and rear serrations that form the American flag, complete with stars and stripes. However, the most exciting slide feature is the deep optic cut for the new 3.25 MOA Trijicon RMRcc. With a smaller footprint than the popular RMR red dot, the slide cut provides a low-profile mount for a low-profile optic, further aiding in concealment and quicker target acquisition. The optic is paired with an Ed Brown-designed co-witness rear sight and AmeriGlo orange front sight.

A flush 4.25″ barrel with recessed crown completes the look with black accents on the trigger and barrel bushing, complementing the grip-locking, serrated black G10 grips. A skeletonized hammer and trigger round out the works.

MSRP is $4,295–4,395.

For more info: edbrown.com, Ph: (573) 565-3261

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