Why Powder Coat?

Simply put, PC allows softer alloy bullets to be driven faster with better accuracy and no leading. I’ve had great results and doubt I’ll ever go back to traditional lube/sizing again. PC is much cheaper than traditional bullet lube. You can use different colored PC to color code your loads, like hot or plinker loads. PC bullets can be stored for years without risk of bullet lube drying out or bullets oxidizing.

While shooting, there’s no unpleasant smoke or obnoxious fumes. I have guns where I’ve shot over 500 rounds without cleaning and there is no sign of leading in the bore. Cleanup involves wiping powder residue from the cylinder face and frame.

No sticky blue fingers or dies while handloading. Like M&Ms, you’ll have no mess on your hands. You won’t have to clean your dies out from the gunk accumulated from traditional lube.

The biggest reason is accuracy. PC bullets seem to shoot better. Because they’re softer, they fill the grooves better by bumping up if need be from their original size. Softer alloy also makes for more expansion on game animals. I can process 400–500 PC bullets in half the time with less effort than traditional lube/sizing. That is reason enough! The other benefits make it a no-brainer.

Eastwood Powders work great, and I got my start with Harbor Freight PC. Red and white colors work well. Give PC a shot, you just may be impressed. Whatever way you choose, just keep shooting, loading ammo and have fun doing it!

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